Posted by: Sand Squiggles -- Richard Modlin's Blog | September 17, 2014

Poem for Today


1_DSC2004 trim 1



2_DSC1986 trim 2                                              3_DSC1988 trim 3






Nearby air trembles like a drum.

Diaphanous wings beat with dazzling speed.

A greenish bird the size of my thumb.

Flits up and tweets,


and tweets again.

Zips down,

and zooms to the reddish tube,

impales the center dot in the plastic yellow flower,

and sucks a sweet shot to keep its power.

ʃ ʃ ʃ

4_DSC1997 trim 4

5_DSC1992 j

© Copyright by Richard Modlin, 2014

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  1. Love it Richard! The air does vibrate like a drum. cool.

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