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Chasing Wings — Big Discount

Thank you all to those who took advantage of the sale noted below. Hope you enjoy Chasing Wings. Be on the lookout for a sale on the Kindle edition of my latest novel Newfound Freedom. The discount, countdown sale will occur in December. 

CHASING WINGS is being promoted from November 21 to 27, 2013 on Amazon Kindle’s count-down discount program. Consequently the Kindle version of my global birding adventures and observations has been discounted 75%. DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS SAVINGS! Download a copy for only $1.99. Visit

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Finalist, 2008 ForeWord Magazine Book of The Year Award in nature.

Chasing Wings is an account of the author’s passion.  In twenty-four chapters, follow Richard Modlin as he vividly relates his humorous encounters with birds and describes his travels to exotic and routine birding locations.  The book begins with his account as a child of picking up a baby blue jay, then being aggressively confronted by its parents.  A few years later the author attempts to make a pet of a juvenile American kestrel, only to learn that raptors like freedom.  Modlin writes of other novel avian interactions he has had in his life.  For instance, on an island in Belize, a magnificent frigatebird visits to collect handouts and relaxes on arms and shoulder of visiting researchers.  In Connecticut, an adult mute swam get its revenge against a pugnacious conservation warder.  Then there is the account of a trio of starlings that invaded the author’s attic apartment and learning, years later that excited starling were easier to handle than the three wild turkeys trying to raid his sunroom. 

Travel with the author to view widowbirds, ostriches, sunbirds, parrots, toucans, blue pigeons, paradise flycatchers, hummingbirds and other exotic birds as he describes his visits to Kenya, Seychelle Islands, Grand Cayman Island and the rain forests of Belize; to France where he visited a raptor aviary and to Sweden in search of black woodpeckers.  Follow him on his birding ventures to southeastern Arizona, the coast of Maine, swamps and marshes of Florida and Ohio, and the beach communities on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.  Not only are lists of birds sighted included with the travelogues, but also easy to follow details on the sites he visited. 

© Richard Modlin 2013

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