Posted by: Sand Squiggles -- Richard Modlin's Blog | September 4, 2013

Newfound Freedom, Live

My novel, Newfound Freedom, is now available as a trade paperback and hardback from The Electronic version is available from Kindle. Click on my books for direct ordering links.  A brief review follows below. Be the first to get a copy. 

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Newfound Freedom is Richard Modlin’s well-crafted, historically accurate, narrative epic that will thrill readers interested in American colonial life and nautical adventure. It’s a flowing, coming-of-age, plot-driven novel of camaraderie comparable to the early books written by Patrick O’Brien.

Modlin’s inspiration for the novel found its genesis in the author’s love of history and his stays along the down-east coast of Maine, where he learned of the Battle of Machias, the first naval battle of the American Revolution.

Modlin’s superb writing skills and knowledge of history keeps the reader intimately engaged with the history of the time. The dialogue uses only words and expressions that were common lexis in the New England, Great Britain, and on the high seas in the eighteenth century. Descriptions of the landmarks, events, and terrain are true to the time. Moreover, the fictional characters interact with actual historical figures such as George Washington, Jeremiah O’Brien, Nathan Hale, and many others.

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