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WELL FINALLY!  I want to give you all a heads-up.  My novel will be out this summer.  It’s a historic adventure.  Featured below is a summary of this adventure. 


A Synopsis

Jack and Ian Hollister cross the Atlantic in 1774 to carry on the family business in Boston. A storm forces their leaking vessel into Halifax. Securing passage on a coastal schooner, they continue the journey. Jack establishes camaraderie with the colonial crew. Ian considers them rebels. A hurricane forces the schooner onto the rocks off the coast of Maine.   

Jack and the schooner crew attempt salvage of the cargo, but a Royal Navy frigate uses the broken hull for target practice. Seeing survivors, the frigate captain plans their capture, but flamboyant Dunkin and his pirates whisk the survivors to the temporary safety of their camp. Friendships are reestablished and new ones made. Jack and Ian meet Maire, the infamous female pirate leader and her sister. 

While Jack, Maire and Dunkin are away, the royal marines raid the pirate camp and impress Ian and other able-bodied men and women into naval service. Jack, concerned with the loss of his brother, escapes, with his friends, to Machias and becomes embroiled in the first naval battle of the American Revolution. Aiding the militia, the HMS Margaretta is captured and her captain is killed. After the battle Jack is transported to Beverly, Massachusetts, and then on to Cambridge.

Imprisoned aboard the frigate, Ian spends the winter in Halifax harbor, contending with the vagaries of naval service and trying to prove his British aristocracy. His identity verified in the spring of 1775, Ian is released to his relatives in Boston not knowing the fate of his brother.

Jack remains unaware of what has become of Ian. With the aid of George Washington, he is secreted into blockaded Boston,

After a joyous reunion, the brothers learn that their father has terminated the Hollister business in Boston until colonial stability is reestablished. All are expected to return to England. Jack decides to remain. No amount of enticement changes his mind. To Ian’s dismay, Jack leaves Hollister House saying, “Tell Father I can be found in Cambridge—but not the one in England.”

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© Copyright Richard Modlin 2013

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